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  • The staff at Jefferson EastShore is phenomenal. We've only been here a few weeks, but so far everyone has been warm, positive and genuinely seem to want to help. Bookie (sp?) makes us feel like family and is so considerate that he'll ask what time works best for us before entering our apartment. That's never happened before, so when you add that to his excellent workmanship and attention to detail, you're reminded of how beneficial renting can be. But it's Manny, whom we leased from that manages to elevate the property as a whole. He is on it - on so many fronts. It reminds me of staying at a Rosewood or Four Seasons property in that I know I can count on him to advocate for us. He is available, he resolves issues like a seasoned pro, and he's always in our corner. I've dealt with property managers in the past that treated their position as a job. That's not my impression with Manny. He takes pride in his career, and it shows. It's evident that he is intelligent, talented and above all kind, and he could likely choose any industry to thrive in. Lucky for us he's chosen the rental sector and Jefferson EastShore.
  • We want to say first thank to Bootie ( Maintenance Mgr) for always coming to our rescue with the water situation. He does absolutely everything he can to correct the situation and to be sure it is reported to the appropriate parties. I cannot tell you enough that my husband and I both are so appreciative of his ability (which we have been aware of for a very long time) and kindness. We would also like to mention that Danny (his assistant) had a task at hand today in the master closet in adding extra support to the wooden rods. To have to deal with all the clothes and install the support was a lot and he did an awesome job. The rods now can support the clothes and he did a great job in putting them back in the order in which he took them off. We would also be amiss not mention that a huge reason we moved here was "management" who we know and feel we are part of the Eastshore family
  • Wonderful property with a lot of space. The pool is gorgeous and plenty of furniture to lay out! All of the staff is super friendly while Shana has been my primary contact, Manny, and Aurora have been super helpful getting settled. Also the bikes are fun to take and ride around the lake.
  • Jefferson Eastshore location is easy access to Highways, train rails, restaurants, stores and yes a dinner theater. The apartment is very nice and the staff is attentive and goes above and beyond making you feel this is your home. The grounds are kept clean and beautiful which makes it enjoyable to come home to. We love it here!
  • I absolutely love living at Jefferson Eastshore. It is by far one of the best apartment properties I've ever lined in. I love my apartment. I love the mud room, the paint colors and the layout. It's really quiet and pleasant. Plus, I rarely hear my neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, everyone I have met has been so friendly and engaging. It feels like a true neighborhood community. However, the aspect that really stands out to me is the management. I have lived in many apartments and have never encountered service at this level. I've worked with Manny the most (and he is a rock star) but all of the staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They address issues quickly and in the most professional way but most importantly, they truly care about their residents. That's a rare find these days.
  • Move-in was easy. After a few months, we know we made the right decision. Residents are courteous and the property is well maintained. The staff is awesome and very responsive. There are a lot of fun events and activities for residents... THANKS! A+