We Call Jefferson Eastshore Home

- Karen
We want to say first thank to Bootie ( Maintenance Mgr) for always coming to our rescue with the water situation. He does absolutely everything he can to correct the situation and to be sure it is reported to the appropriate parties. I cannot tell you enough that my husband and I both are so appreciative of his ability (which we have been aware of for a very long time) and kindness.

We would also like to mention that Danny (his assistant) had a task at hand today in the master closet in adding extra support to the wooden rods. To have to deal with all the clothes and install the support was a lot and he did an awesome job. The rods now can support the clothes and he did a great job in putting them back in the order in which he took them off.

We would also be amiss not mention that a huge reason we moved here was "management" who we know and feel we are part of the Eastshore family